about sleepy giant

Sleepy Giant is an independent game company focused on enthusiast gamers. fofofum is our backend game technology and services group, and giantbacked is our publishing group that supports partners working with fofofum. Founded in 2007 by live game operations pioneers, we’re based in Newport Beach with an office in Chicago. We're led by industry veterans and backed by TPG Capital and CAA's Evolution Media Capital.  


fofofum provides the tools, technology and problem-solving solutions required to build, deploy and manage games. Need devops? Operations engine tech? Game server logic design and development? This is your team.


giantbacked provides independent studios and developers with financing, marketing, and live game operations. If you’re looking for a strategic partner to support your game, give them a call.

We take a holistic approach to everything we do, providing our partners with creative, technical, and operational expertise.


fofofum is a complete game backend solution. Our game management engine and managed services teams deliver the tools, technology and problem solving solutions to help our clients make and deliver great games. fofofum reduces development cycles, improves resource utilization and capabilities, reduces risk, and provides the control needed to manage your game, audience, and performance.

ops engine

Our game management engine gives you real-time control of and visibility into your games and audience across devices.


Our services team delivers the expertise to design, develop, deploy, and manage your game infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.


We work with you to design and develop solutions that deliver better tools, custom features and compelling game experiences.

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giantbacked provides financing, growth, and live game operations services to partners working with Sleepy Giant's fofofum group. We are entrepreneurial with regards to the opportunities we pursue. We love the big idea, and we're always on the hunt for new projects with great people.


We look to invest $1M to $2M per project, to fund development, marketing, infrastructure, and live game operations.


Our experienced teams provide the services needed to increase market awareness and user acquisition.  


We provide the operational skills and expertise required to launch and manage your game.  

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  • The Elder Scrolls® Online
    ZeniMax Online
  • Disney Infinity
    Disney Interactive Media Group
  • Midnight Star
    Industrial Toys
  • Call of Duty Elite
  • Skylanders
  • Family Guy Online
    Fox Entertainment
  • Marvel XP
    Disney Interactive Media Group
  • Animal Jam
    Smart Bomb Entertainment
  • Pokémon TCG Online
    Pokémon Company International
  • SeaWorld Presents Turtle Trek
  • TERA
    En Masse Entertainment
  • Company of Heroes Online
  • UFC Undisputed Fight Night
  • Deer Hunter Online
  • Freaky Pets
    Abandon Entertainment
  • Dancing with the Stars: Keep Dancing
    BBC Worldwide
  • Seven Souls Online
    Neowiz Games
  • GONG Online
    THQ | Tose Shanghai
  • Battleswarm: Field of Honor
    Reality Gap
  • Ballerium
  • CrimeCraft
    Vogster Entertainment

our team

We're a passionate group of game industry professionals who love what we do. In fact, our Giants helped pioneer games-as-­a-service concepts in the West. Meet some of them below.

Matt Hannus

Co-Founder   ç

David S. Lee

CTO / Co-Founder   ç

Bob Tsai

VP Development   ç

Stuart Frederich-Smith

VP Product Architecture   ç

Violet McLean

Project Manager   ç t

Chris Vannithone

Quality Assurance   ç

Flarry W. Henry IV

Quality Assurance   ç

Claire Bolen

Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance   ç

Sara Tsutsumida

Front-end Developer   ç m

Dave Anderson

VP Business Development   ç

Thikha Ngo

Accounting Manager

Hassan Archer

Project Manager   ç

Roger Yang

Quality Assurance

Nathan Lyons-Smith

Product Manager   ç

Eric Dennis

VP Engineering   ç

Ian Atkinson

VP Product Development   ç

Christopher Berizko

Back-End Web Developer   ç

Christopher Nguyen

Full Stack Developer   ç

Frieda Bobay

Technical Product Manager

Seaver Lam

Project Manager

contact us

Drop us a line at info@sleepygiant.com, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Newport Beach Office

3501 Jamboree Road, Suite 5000
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Chicago Office

641 W Lake St, Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60661